Upcycled Concrete Block Planters Chair And Furniture Ideas

Any kind of glue or other fastening may not be needed to create concrete block planters chair and other furniture as it is easy to build. You may build a bedside table in a Stone Henge formation by stacking 3 breeze blocks simply. There is a risk to topple when used by children but this is a simple but effective idea to decorate and furnishing the house. There are other upcycled furniture ideas you can try.

Upcycled Concrete Block Bed Base

concrete block flower garden

A much more reasonably priced and flexible option over a bed frame is this cinder block as it is cheaper and easy to maneuver. It has the same function with a normal wooden frame. You just need to arrange rows of breeze blocks on the ground and put a mattress over them. This bed is a perfect option for apartment or small home.

concrete block planter bench

concrete block planter bench

You can arrange breeze blocks on the both side as the leg of the desk and arrange other horizontal brick or a lengthier plank of wood serving as table top to form a desk or console table. This desk is a great economical way out for students. There are also storage compartments in the desk from the cavities in the cinder blocks.

Modular Tiered Concrete Blocks Planters

It rarely looks good with these kinds of garden planters. You can actually build it right for composition if you have a good eye. It is likely to look better in smaller installations. If you build the large versions in your garden will make vast structures that are not worth to actually put plants in it as there are not enough spaces in the resulting planters. This can also serve as concrete block planters chair.

concrete block garden projects

 concrete block container garden

Tea Light And Succulent Holders With Red Brick

Ideal for windy balconies, you can double up this combination tea light holder and succulent planter as a paperweight and makes an interesting outdoors table decoration. Red bricks are the simple material and you can put candle and succulent plant in the predrilled holes in some range of engineering brick. Using in the fairly soft clay bricks to make your own holes, it is best you use a hole saw attachment to drill some regular bricks. Add somewhat more character on your planters by visit some old site to find a few reclaimed bricks.

Cinder Block Simple Birdhouse

It often likely look particularly twee when it comes to birdhouses except those used for the field.  If you prefer a minimalist design to appeal the modern bird you should love this DIY upcycled option. You just need a half cinder block and plywood board drilled for the front and back to form this birdhouse.

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Concrete Block Planters Chair Bench

concrete block garden furniture

concrete block garden furniture

concrete block garden wall footing

It is a good idea to combine the benches and modular tiered planters made of breeze blocks. Get much tidier look for this planter by avoiding brick wall patterns. These small concrete block planters chair are entirely unnecessary to get the structural advantages of brick link and it can be useful the rather big parts of the structure that serve as the addition of a bench and can’t put up plants.

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