Proper Measure For Standard 2 Car Garage Size Dimensions

Too small dimension is the common mistake for two-car garage done by most homeowners. There are so small garages in most development houses. The car could go in after the passengers get out of the car or they would not be able to get out of the car when the car is in the garage as they cannot open the door due to tight room between the car and the side wall. It is important to consider standard 2 car garage size dimensions.

standard size of a 2 car garage door

standard size of a 2 car garage door

To save a few dollars, the size of standard 2 car garage size dimensions is often pinched by builders. Many home buyers don’t realize this until after they pull their car. Most people only make sure the furniture will fit so they are considering buying a house by measure the rooms. But they forget to test out the garage by pulling your car into it. Here are some recommendations to help you out before you make costly mistake.

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Increase The Space Between Cars Using Two Single Doors.

There is 16 feet wide for the standard 2 car garage size dimensions. But there is up to 20 feet wide or narrower sizes you can make. It is best you stick to the 18 foot width to provide a bit more space between your cars when you park them in the garage. This offers less dinging. The 16 foot wide door could be acceptable. But, you should consider shelves, bikes, and rakes that you keep along the side wall of the garage so you can easily get in and out of the car by providing more than 2½ more feet of width from the wall on both sides to the farthest edge of the open door. In other word, there should be 21 feet wide inside your garage by adding 2’-6” on both sides of the wall with the 16 foot door. There should be 23 feet wide inside your garage if you choose 18 foot wide door. Make sure you add more width if you plan to have two single-width doors.standard 2 car garage measurements

The Depth Of The Garage

You need to provide 15’-10” long for a Toyota Camry or a usual full-sized car. 16’-11” long is good enough for a Dodge Caravan or a regular minivan. Unexpectedly, you just need 15’-11” long which is just an inch longer than the Camry if you have an SUV such as a Jeep Grand Cherokee. So you won’t hit the back bumper and the garage door if the back of the garage has more. There should be at least 20 feet deep of your garage if you want to be able to walk by the front of the car. This is a minimum measure. You should consider more space to store stuff in the garages not just for the car. Bikes, a work bench, and such will require more room with 23 feet deep in the garage. Before you decide to buy a new house, make sure you take the size for that standard 2 car garage size dimensions.

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