How To Create Above Garage Door Storage Ideas

A best way to use some otherwise wasted space is adding shelves above garage door storage ideas. And you will suspend the need for a usual outdoor storage shed if you have this much storage. You can secure the storage on the ceiling joist in the garage with the appropriate distance from the front wall. Cut two pieces of 3/4” strips to the depth of your shelf. You will get 36” deep span. This almost-bulletproof flooring material will sag much as it will finish up only having a 29” unsupported width. But you can always add bracket later.

above garage door storage racks ideas

Installation Steps

To start the above garage door storage ideas project, you can attach a cleat to the ceiling. You just need to tear a 2×4 exactly down the middle so you have two cleats to use with one for both side of the garage. Screw all of the 2×4 wood with 3” decking screws. Use a pre-drilled hole to avoid splitting all screw. The ceiling has notches for the H-bar in just 1/16” so no need to cut and this 8′ 2×4 require nine 3” screws. Everything is secured with the screws. Join the shelf to the cleat in the ceiling with three vertical ties for every 8′ shelf. Use the 2×4’s again.

build storage shelves above garage door

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Glue and fasten them into the cleat. Rather than a solid shelf for the extent of the garage door, use two 8′ shelves. It has higher garage door opener beam than the shelf height as it is higher than the garage door rails. If you do not want much storage area, you do not need to extend each shelf to the side wall and using a full length of plywood is really easier. Make sure you check for square above garage door storage ideas. To hold up the front side of the shelf, the underside of the vertical ties require more 2×4 ripped down the middle. Also glue and screw that piece. To fasten the front of the shelf, there is about 1-3/4” platform. Getting the shelf material in position is the hardest part as it is really heavy lifting ¾ of a sheet of flooring.

overhead storage above garage door

storage loft above garage door

Secure it with some screws in the front side. Put off the shelf from descending front to back by sinking two screws in the back side. You will see how long the span that resulted. Make sure you use material that is crammed full of resins so you won’t have any major sagging problems. This material is nearly water proof so there should be no accelerating factor in warping by the moisture. You could always support the shelf easily from below though small sag occurs.

plans for above garage door storage

This is an easy and important project you can do in the weekend. Even though you do not need urgent storage, this is a good way to prepare if you need one in the future. Anyone would not want their main working area of the shop to be used to store the household junk. This above garage door storage ideas project hopefully can give you an idea for some storage options in your garage.

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