5 Reasons Why We Have to Choose Bamboo Bathroom Vanity

72 bamboo bathroom vanity

Are ypu in the middle of designing your bathroom? If that is the case, you must have or will have to think about bathroom vanity you have to choose. Of all bathroom vanities to choose though, you need to highly consider bamboo bathroom vanity. Of course, there are reasons to it. Give us the chance to tell you what those reasons could be. They are something that you should not be ignorant about. It is if you truly care about your bathroom design.

High Durability with the Use of Chosen Mature Stalks

Not all bathroom vanities are made with best quality materials. There are many of them simply made from cheap medium density fiberboard. But, this is something that you won’t find in bamboo vanity for bathroom. Such vanity is made of solid bamboo. It is more durable than many hardwoods. Just make sure it is made of mature stalks. Only then, you can be sure for it to last for years to come.

floating bamboo bathroom vanity

Water Resistance for Highly Wet Area in Bathroom

Besides the bathtub or shower, we would say that bathroom vanity includes as one of highly wet areas in the bathroom. You wash your face and hands, or brush your teeth there after all. It is because there is sink there. Rest assured! If you choose bamboo-made bathroom vanity, it is highly resistant to it. To maintain it though, you need to use damp cloth instead of soaking it with water.

bamboo bathroom vanity lighting


Enough Flexibility to Fit In Many Bathroom Themes

Other reason to choose bamboo bathroom vanity is about it being flexible to fit in various bathroom themes. Basically, it can fit in Asian, tropical, or beachy-themed bathrooms. However, you can always paint it with any color as you wish to match with wall tiles, floor, or anything in your bathroom design. It can even be stained in deep brown, reddish brown, etc. to mimic other wood.

bamboo bathroom vanity double sink

Enough Neutrality to Work with Just Any Sink Type

faux bamboo bathroom vanity

Bathroom’s bamboo vanities are not only flexible to fit in any bathroom theme. They are also neutral enough to be paired with almost any sink type. Vessel sinks would look just fine whether they are made of glass or hammered metal. You can even choose porcelain sinks if you wish to get traditional look from it. See? You are not limited as to what you have to pick to pair it with. It is handy, isn’t it?

gray bamboo bathroom vanity

Easiness to Be Decorated with Various Accessories

modern bamboo bathroom vanity

Other thing that you need to note about this bathroom vanity is about it being easy to decorate with. It would be easy to look for accessories that can match it or even enhance its look more. For example, you can choose bamboo toothbrush holders, towel racks, shelving units, and many more. Even if it is easy, make sure that it matches bathroom’s overall design. Bamboo bathroom vanity would surely look better that way with accessories. Now, go and pick one vanity to put in bathroom.


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