Creative Bamboo Bathroom Furniture Ideas for Traditional Style

There are many kinds of furniture that you need to apply in your bathroom. Bathroom furniture can be made from different materials. So, you have to choose it carefully. If you want a traditional style, it will be a good idea for you to apply bamboo bathroom furniture. It sounds not good because bamboo is not water resistant. However, it is not right at all. Bamboo can be finished with water resistant coat so that it will not be porous by water. If you want to follow this, here are some ideas for you.

Bathroom Storage from Bamboo

bamboo bathroom furniture australia bamboo bathroom cabinets vanities

The first furniture needed to apply in your bathroom is bamboo bathroom storage. You can consider various kinds of storage. For example, you can start from bathroom cabinet made from bamboo. Besides that, it will also be a good idea for you to add some bathroom wall storage. It will make your bathroom look attractive. For the bathroom cabinet, you have to make sure that it is placed on the dry area in your bathroom so that it will not be exposed by water.

Bathroom Vanity Sink from Bamboo

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It may sound a bad idea to apply bathroom vanity sink made from bamboo. However, it is possible if you find one that is coated by water resistant lining. Prioritize a vanity sink that comes with storage or racks under the sink so that it can be used to store many bathroom tools or equipment. It belongs to the most unique bamboo bathroom furniture because most people prefer stainless steel bathroom vanity sink. So, you can go with this unique idea.

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Bathroom Racks from Bamboo

It also relates to the bathroom storage. Rack is needed as open storage. You can use it to store towel or some bath tools such as soaps, shampoos, paste tooth, etc. Bamboo bathroom racks are appropriate for you who like traditional, vintage or classic style. To keep it more durable, you should place it on the dry area in your bathroom. Racks may come with some stories. You can choose it depending on your need.

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Bathroom Hooks from Bamboo

The best way to make your towels dry faster is by hanging them on hooks. That is why a bathroom must have hooks. It belongs to one of the best wall storage for bathroom. Commonly, hooks are made from metals or plastics. However, bamboo bathroom hooks will look unique. It is also durable as long as the hooks are made from strong bamboo. It can also function to hang your clothes, pants, etc.

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Bathroom Baskets from Bamboo

When you take a bath, you have to put off your clothes first. It will be better to put it into a basket before you wash them. What if the baskets are made from bamboo? It looks very creative and attractive. Besides that, you can also get bamboo baskets with the more inexpensive price. Anyway, it becomes a good idea to follow. Hopefully this will inspire everyone who looks for bamboo bathroom furniture.


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