Window Greenhouse Insert: Amazing Ideas For Simple Green Space

A house without any green space will seem like a desert. You may lack of space in your house. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot afford any green space. Window Greenhouse Insert can be a solution for this case. Besides adding a fresh green space in your house, greenhouse window can enhance your interior. It focuses on replacing the common window with a simple greenhouse window. Plants will also add more oxygen for your house. Moreover, you can have more specific view: a warm morning sunshine on your green space.

“Less is More”

When you deal with Greenhouse Window Insert, you don’t need a wide space. Narrow spaces don’t matter. A space in front of window can be a great chance to be a garden. Just simply plant some plants in medium and small size instead of big trees like pine or coconut tree. Big trees are not effective to improve your scenery. As people always say “less is more”. This garden will work like aquarium or a mini glass house. It seems amazing, doesn’t it? Pay attention to some details that are important to consider.

Window Greenhouse Insert

Have the Best Outside View

The first and the foremost matter is making sure that the window displays the best view outside such as the street and garden. In other words, make sure that the wall doesn’t block it. Build a small garden if you have more space. However, work with small plants or flowers such as sunflower or rose. Once you have a small garden, you will have a great view for Greenhouse Window Insert.

Make Common Window and Greenhouse Window

Besides the outside view, you must able to differentiate the common window and greenhouse window. Even though they share the same concept, they have different shape. The shape of ordinary window is flat while greenhouse window looks like a small glass house with more space to place things. It also features some shelves to attach things like small plant like flowers or cactus and a wood decorator. The main materials are aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Moreover, Window Greenhouse Insert also has various models that brings different ambience. If you prefer classic look, you can pick old window greenhouse. Meanwhile, wood frame greenhouse is suitable for those who wish modern look. Just choose as you wish.

kitchen window greenhouse insert

How to Install Window Greenhouse Insert

After paying attention to the important details, let’s learn the steps to install Garden greenhouse window insert. The first step is removing the old window’s sliding glass panel. The screens must be removed as well. Then, you have to lift the fixed window panel and the center brace out. You can use small pry and hammer to loosen the brace. The exterior trim, as the third step, must be removed too. Later, the old aluminum window frame must be removed after you score the caulking. Free the window frames with a nail remover before dressing the opening edge for your greenhouse window.

The next step on insert for window greenhouse is exposing the Perimeter Two-by-fours front edge. Cut the wooden siding away that you can expose the front edge. You will have the secured new greenhouse window flange. After this, use caulk and flashing paper to waterproof your window. Secure and position your window in the place and finally dress the edges of Window Greenhouse Insert as your finishing touch.


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