Waterfall and Belvedere in Corner Landscape Ideas

The range of the wood volume which is designed with the structures elements relates to the art of the landscape. This is claimed that this idea was the nature of human around the globe since most of people’s culture had examined their land. This art can be seen in Japanese front yard to welcome visitors, to drink tea, and to gain positive energy by meditating there. As well, American in 1800s imitates the structures of the larger lake for their urban park. Regardless to the landscape, we can make corner landscape ideas apart of our house.

corner homes landscaping ideas for privacy

To create the landscape, we have to prepare the space which can be as the backyard, side yard, or front yard. After all, the space should be sufficient to plant and to build some mini landscapes; plain, waterfall, lake, swamp, forest, and etc. A part of those landscapes, the mini waterfalls is the best design. This small corner landscaping idea will bring the natural energy to the house because the waterfall is an active landscape.

Compare to street corner landscaping ideas, they are the passive energy which does not give any sound to calm. Yet, mini waterfall is an active design which shows the movement of the water with the sound. Even, it has a small lake diorama for the fish. Moving to the installation, we can create the landscape by drawing the plan, framing the garden, and executing the detail. It starts with cleaning the garden after framing and deeper for the small lake including the waterfall design. The water supply is obviously produced by the small water pump.

Waterfall diorama: An active energy

This pump will responsible to circulate the water getting filtration and keep the water stay fresh. This will give an effect of water sound and movements. Importantly, corner landscape idea can be added with the fish to complete landscape based on water element. Surrounding the lake, it is better to plan grass to cover the land and it is combined with the colorful stones, selective plan with the pots, and etc.


For centuries, designers have designed the buildings to attract people as viewing points. At least, there are tree famous freestanding structures or belvedere such as gazebo, pavilion, and cabin. Originally, gazebo is structured alike the watch tower. This was made from the building and every side is enclosed with the walls. However, corner landscape element transforms this design as a small decorated building to point out the beauty in the surrounding garden side.

Similar to the function of the gazebo, pavilion is much more complicated to build. Originally, this was taken from chines culture and some said from Japan. No wonder, both of them have the similar structural building. Basically, pavilion is the permanent camp which has the house elements such as windows, door, and even the roof. In contrast, cabin is in the middle for the completeness. Corner landscape ideas is made from the wood and the design is simpler than pavilion, but more futuristic that gazebo.

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