Unique Outdoor Lighting with Perfect Design

Lighting up the looks of the exterior house can be so easiest and fun. Even though there are some details that we should consider, it often deals with the problem of the lamp choice. Commonly, people are located the lamps randomly. In fact, the shine is not separated properly. This mostly happens because the distance is not measured well. To tackle this, there are some tricks using unique outdoor lighting.

outdoor lighting ideas for backyard

The vintage style

It is the art craft Fremont of the rubbed bronze. It imitates with the old fashion around 1960s. Generally, the features are two lights in the box with the glass window. Obviously, it is protected with the wood box and the light will be long lasting and safe. Specifically, the dimension is 13.5 inches for high x 7 inches for width applied 2-60 watt of Candelabra E 12 bulbs. This unique glass lighting is equipped for background and the front face. This will reflect the shine wider but they still have a high focus.

The best locations for these bulbs are in the garden and in front of the main door. Having the symmetry design is proper to balance the separated shine. However, the garden will require around four depending on the type bulbs and the watt. This is surely recommended that the bulbs are supported by the traditional house design. For the modern, this may take some additional details. This unique outdoor lighting can be purchased in the number $ 191.00.

The simple style

Compare to art craft, the hinkley harbor satin is much simple. This can be the opposite design because it only has tree elements; long stick, the protect lamp, and light. Specifically, the satin is covered with the black color finished and only 4 lbs. Unique modern lighting has a simple dimension (21 inches high x 7.5 inches width empowered by 1-3.8 watt of the LED bulb. Based on the features, the shine is possible to get wider; the background of the light is using concave approach.

Theoretically, the LED unique light will go further and brighter. Since the light position is up to bottom objects, the best position is in the garden or the main gate. In short, the higher the place, the better is the light. This paint is purposed only for the iron in order to prevent the corrosion and the rust. In addition, since the feature is simple, this can be tied with the tree or the long pole. It is added by the circle iron and locked with the scrubs.

The last unique outdoor lighting is the bulbrite black 48 foots. The features are inspired by the modern design. Overall, this design is trying to capture the stars at the night transforming them into the bulbs. Then, they are hanging with the horizontal lines which is consisted some bulbs. This can be charged with $64.99 including the discount. Specifically, the dimension is 8.5 inches H x 13 inches W x 18.75 inches Deep and all weight is 7.44 lbs. Special for the bulbs, they are empowered by 5-11 Watt.


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