Small Variations Of The Timber Frame House Plans In Today’s Modern Residential

Small Timber Frame House Plans While this indeed became one of the House design that quite a lot of interest by people in Indonesia. The use of wood as a raw material in the manufacture of home has been applied for a long time. Wood was chosen because it makes the House has a sturdy structure and easy to get. But famous had dropped since the existence of the bricks as one of the ingredients to make the House replace wood. If in the past we saw a house using wood material is often associated with the mystical and ancient things. Now, thanks to the creative hands of the architect who designed the home and interior design supporting the contents of the House, making a home with wood looks elegant, cool and comfortable for the home. For those of you who love natural beauty, there is no harm in applying wood at your residence.

timber frame home plans

timber frame home plans

In recent years, not least from the community we judge someone based on a home they have. Usually the house built based on characters from their respective owners. What’s currently being home trends with a unique design, which made the character of its owners is increasingly prominent. The House with the unique design will make residents and anyone who sees it will feel comfortable and welcome to linger over living there. That’s why, at this time we encounter a lot of homes with unique designs, ranging from classic house design, House with a minimalist concept to homes that use timber frame construction there. Any design which is applied would have been already adapted to the wishes of its owner, so it will show the character of the owner of the House.

Why Should Choose A Small Timber Frame Homes On The Design Of Your Residence?

One building houses a unique i.e. small timber frame house plans that choose wood as one of the raw material. Using wood as a construction material for your current home is a very brilliant decision. How not, using wood accents in the House will create an atmosphere that is more relaxed and comfortable when you get together with your family, so that it is able to make you and your family will feel welcome to linger in the House. In addition, in fact there are still some other pros who owned homes that use wood as an architectural style. And then actually what other advantages that make you choose wood as a construction material home?

  • The Power House.

We understand very well if the material wood already used our ancestors prior to the making of the House. For the resilience of the home, you don’t have to worry anymore, as many ancient houses made of wood is still rock solid. The House is still standing even as at the beginning built despite being down from one generation to another. The selection of wood for raw materials is certainly not indiscriminate, selected a truly powerful and easily processed, so that workers do not trouble to apply them on the design of your home.


  • Wood is easily recycled.

Indeed timber is one of building material that is very easy to be recycled. When you are renovating your wooden house on it, then the rest of this renovation you can use back to creation into the interior design of your home, especially if you apply the timber frame on your home garage, with the establishment of the wood the rest of the renovation into a variety of shapes craft House decoration will raise its economic value, compared to the ruins of the wall that only you can take advantage to the ground.


  • The wood properties of elastic.

In addition it is easy to be recycled, wood turned out to have the properties of elastic. Because of this, the House of his elastic which use lumber materials able to survive longer than the earthquake than the wall. And while Woods is falling, its effect is also not bad when underneath the wall. Then with the nature elastic, wood can be made with various shapes for either traditional or modern house design. Processed wood can adjust to various concepts that you want.


  • suitable for the tropics.

The House that implemented the small timber frame house plans proved very suitable for built in the tropics. When applied to your residence, the wood will be able to act as a retaining heat. The thickness of the wood wall owned if compared to the wall, it’s thinner. So that will make your room temperature cooler. If it’s like this, you can save the use of the fan and air conditioning.


  • Easy application at home.

Building a house using wood did not take too much if compared to making full use of the walls of the House. You must perform a series of machining process of the Foundation, sifting sand, mixing cement, brick, pengacian, casting and so on. Length is not the process, that people began to be attracted to use the wood as material for the manufacture of home.


  • Can be as a means of investment.

How his system, a House with wood can be used as a means of investigation? This is indeed the start of many of our communities using wood in building. House design that apply the wood will have a fairly high artistic value, so it will increase the selling price of the return. In this way the residence you have can be used as a means of investment.


See how pros owned from home made wood, no doubt will make you increasingly interested to fix your current home using wood Yes. If it is like this, then you should immediately on the list wood anywhere is good for use on your home building materials.


The Type Of Wood Used On Timber Frame Cabin Building Your Home

When you’ve decided to renovate your home with natural nuances of wood, then it is time you to choosing their wood which one you should use. Construction material of its own, the houses in Indonesia used some type of wood that has the strength and uniqueness of each. Here depending on your taste and will be applied to what wood it later. The type of wood that is commonly used is as follows:


  • Teak Wood
  • Teak Wood Log Home Network

    Teak Wood Log Home Network

Who does not know the teak wood? Wood one is indeed renowned for strength and results in building construction material. Teak wood type is easy to cut into pieces and processed into many products therefore wood is also widely used for jobs such as furniture, doors, Windows, tables, chairs and much more. In addition to the renowned strength and results in strong, Teak wood timber frame garage is selected for because it has a beautiful texture and fibers, resistant to termites, mold and insects. Basically this wood in the wild can grow to a height of 30-40 meters in the tropics that incorporates 27-370C. That’s why, on the island of Java is a suitable place to grow to produce the finest quality teak wood. At the moment you will choose teak wood, you should see the type of finishing applications as well. With a good finishing process will make the wood that you choose will be more protected from the outside and can provide aesthetic value more in teak wood.


  • Bangkirai Wood

    Bangkirai Wood For wooden House

    Bangkirai Wood For wooden House

The wood is famous for its power the other is wood bengkirai wood. This wood belongs to the wood is strong and durable, so it is often used as a heavy construction materials like wooden roof. In addition, wood is also often used to be list plank, such as exterior decking areas and so on because of the durability of the wood is already no doubt against a variety of weather. The type of wood this would be very easy to find on a tropical rain forest, especially on the island of Borneo.

  • Merbau Wood

    Merbau Wood log home Plans

    Merbau Wood log home Plans

Merbau wood is indeed on the scene as a comparison of teak. This is due to the strength of the fairly hard and stable which makes it an alternative option if no teak wood. the wood is also resistant to insect terbite already, so it is very suitable to be used as ingredients of making home. The strength of its well-preserved wood and is even able to enter into durable class I, class II and strong I, II. This wood has a reddish-brown color with a highlit fiber texture of a wide strip of yellow and disjointed. This wood contains the actual wood is expensive because it barely has its disadvantages. merbau wood is particularly suitable on small timber frame house plans that you arrange. For wood finishing, merbau usually use dark color of melamine or old. Actually this would be easy wood you find, if you are in New Guinea or Papua.


  • Ulin Wood (Iron wood )

    Iron Wood For Loghome Cabin

    Iron Wood For Loghome Cabin

Ulin wood is one of the widely used wood for the construction of buildings that are very strong. This wood became one of the Favorites, the architect for the building was applied in houses, offices, buildings, and other buildings who want to emphasise the natural atmosphere. Usually it is used for powerboats, wooden roof, floor boards, concentrated, construction of the bridge, the railway, and bearings. The average wood based selection for strength and durability. It includes the type of wood that goes into the powerful class I and class i. durable you will easily find this timber in Kalimantan indonesia, because this wood thrives there. For the Saint, this tree include big and tall that can reach 50 m with a diameter of 120 cm. owned huge isn’t it?


  • Acacia Wood.
Acacia Wood For flooring Wooden Home

Acacia Wood For flooring Wooden Home

For you may often hear ya Acacia wood. The wood is also one of the architects for the construction of buildings and the perpetrators have furniture to make their products. This the nature of small wood shrinkage, cracking low enough power. Violence is being straight fibers, blends, therefore this wood into wood that is easy to work. This wood has a heavy type of 0.75 so pores and fibres which have enough meetings. Acacia into the wood grade durable II which allows it to last up to 20 years and above, and strong at class II-I that was able to withstand the bending above 1100 kg/cm2 and strong  above 650 kg/cm2.

  • Camphor Wood
Camphor Wood Log homes Network

Camphor Wood Log homes Network

For you who want to add wood accents on the furniture, you should choose wooden camphor. Although not as strong as teak wood for small timber frame house plans, wood fibers and has a texture that is quite beautiful so often applied to a wide range of furniture products for beautifull your home. In addition wood is also a type of wood that is not frowned upon by termites and other insects-lai, making it very safe to use. Camphor wood belonging to its own durable class II, and class III strong II, i. wood is also used in the manufacture of doors and Windows but still in standard size. Can not be applied to the size that is too high or wide, because of its nature which could be inflated when used in a long period of time. Basically this wood thrives there are tropical forests such as those in America, but especially Kalimatan currently started many on the cultivation in Surabaya and Sumatra. Given the economic value resulting from this wood,  of cultivation occurring throughout Indonesia.

  • Coconut wood or glugu wood.
  • coconut wood for Small Timber Frame construction

    coconut wood for Small Timber Frame construction

Next the wood materials of the construction of the House is a wood or coconut commonly known glugu. This wood is certainly very familiar once and Yes, even you are not uncommon to find the tree in front of your House (for those of you who live in the countryside). In the area of Java, will be a lot of houses that meet the ita one his home construction using wood glugu, for example on the canopy frame, until the terrace roof. Glugu wood basically have different textures and fibers with other types of wood in Indonesia. Fiber owned glugu it looks clear and straight. Before use you should coat the wood with this acrylic paint so that the fibers remain visible and the more elegant is seen. Choose glugu wood class 1 to make it more durable again.

With so many types of wood that are in Indonesia, of course this is very beneficial when we all want to make it a home-making materials. Reserved price, no doubt each type of wood has different prices depending on the size of the original, and will be the criteria limits the quality of the self wood can still be tolerated. The quality of the wood can be determined based on the type of finishing applications. The better finishing its deployment, then the quality of the wood does not need to doubt. Finishing is done to protect the wood from the outside and raise aesthetic value on the wood itself. The more elegant home you build.


Variations Of The Small Timber Frame Homes That You Can Apply At The Residence

Choose shades of wood on your residence is a perfect especially if you are already bored with the use of walls everywhere. When the Office, school, or home that you see around you is just a wall. You need to replace the its atmosphere, at least change the mood in your home by carrying the theme back to nature so that you no longer feel bored. You didn’t bother to move all those in garden  the House, simply apply the timber frame construction on certain parts of your home and enjoy the differences thereof.

The application of wood in your home will bring the atmosphere of the cosy and romantic with the impression would have been natural. The application of wood in the House is indeed currently popular-popularity. You can apply this wood material wherever your home. For those whose house there is in higland, with the application of wood, then the residence you’ll look blends in with nature and tropical atmosphere. If on the coast then you will get the romantic atmosphere with a view of beautiful waters of wide open in front of you.

We already know the reasons earlier use of wood in residential and other types of wood such as what you can choose later. After all that, then we would discuss about the application of wood material variation as a wall at your residence.


  • Wood as a construction wall.

Wood will be used as wall construction houses, usually applied to form fields wall. For you who likes to hang out with friends or keluaga, you will see the application of variation of this wall in a restaurant or cafe that will give the impression of elegant and comfortable to each visitor that comes along. Previously you would make his home in advance of the construction material of wood. After that the prepared wood that will be used as a wall, typically of wood cut into the boards with a size 20 × 160-220mm. after such wood cut to fit the size, then the next stage is the installation of a wooden wall on wooden frame house. This installation you can do horizontal, vertical or accumulate. All is up to your own taste. the wood is usually used it is teak, merbau wood, ulin wood or other wood that has a high quality, sturdy, durable and disliked by insects such as termites.

  • Wood boards to coat the walls.

Variation of wood wall next up is the coating of wood boards on the wall. The wood used is fixed in the form of whole Board did not need to be cut into pieces. This is because the Board shall only be used to coat the walls alone, not in the form of construction. The boards of this will you paste on the wall of your home already so. Here you need to pay attention once reserved quality wall you’ll Board and plaster . If your walls are bad quality and easy once damp, then this will impact badly on a wooden plank that overlays it. This Board will be quickly damaged. Therefore, we recommend that you use trasaam as a mixture of mortar on bricks for the wall installation. You guys know what is a trasaam? Trasaam is a mixture of sand and cement, where the composition of the cement more than sand. In this way, your walls will be more waterproof and dry, so it is safe to install planks. Before you install the Board, you should create a framework with the use of wood measuring 5/7 or 4/6. This is done because the plane of the wall that you would normally have not been flattened, devices where for that addition of this framework is meant to flatten the surface of the walls will be plastered boards. After that, you can paste the boards of wood on the wall by using the help of a nail or coupler. In this way then the small timber frame house plans will soon be realized.

  • Coat the walls with processed wood.

Consciously or not, currently own wood raw material has started it is hard to find. If now the price offered is enough to drain the wallet aka expensive. If you want to bring the wood on your home building, then there is no harm if you begin to glimpse the processed wood or artificial wood. The processed wood is also already widely available in stores, so you don’t have to bother looking for it. Different case if you are looking for original wood, you have to wait patiently until the item is available. This is due to its availability in nature which is increasingly reduced, while for has still less than optimal. With the presence of the processed wood is certainly will be very helpful to anyone who wants their house there are shades of wood which is comfortable and not too expensive. Wooden wall variations you can try by using the results of the wood processed in the form of sheet-shaped multiplex. Usually this wood have a standard size that is 122cm × 144cm by its thickness varies, there are 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm. up to the number of choices presented by the thickness, allows you to choose which suits your needs.

Another type of processed wood that you can use fabrication or panel is often called by the name of panel MDF (Medium Density Fiber). The type of wood it is made from sawdust that is pressed with elevated temperatures. It has wood paneling coating surface is smooth and ready for the finishing straight when compared with wooden multiplex processed which should pass through the sanding process is done first before painting. There are still other processed wood which can be made into selection reference IE plywood wood or plywood that is the result of gluing several wooden sheets with high pressure. If you want to beautify the look of wood, then you can layer it with HPL, Veneer, melaminton or other coatings. By doing the finishing like this will add to the impression of elegance in wood look especially if you already applied on your wall. For maximum results you can add layers of teak wood on processed wood materials you have approx 3 mm. The addition of teakwood this will give motid which will generate such a natural wood look.


How Home Care With Wooden Materials To Make It More Durable?

After we apply the wood on the walls of your home, so this time you need to do is perform against your residential care. If you are able to do well, then the care home with wood-fired will continue to appear with beautiful and durable. Here’s a little tip that you can practice now.


  • The importance of home care is cleanliness. Not just a house made of wood-fired home, but all else must be kept clean both it from trash or dust. All corners should be cleaned. Cleaning is performed with a gentle cleanser.
  • The most important Maintenance that you should do is to maintain the durability of the Board by means of a Board on the wall of varnish mixes. In addition, it can also be added to a substance that will avoid the walls of insects that will lead the Board quickly rotted. This treatment is all done routinely and periodically so that it will be spared from weathering and keep the colors still brilliant.
  • Avoid scratches and holes in wood result  nails.
  • In addition, you must keep the point there was no wet, because if left will make dirt easily stick and giving the former which will make your wall look bad.
  • If the wooden walls begin to look dull and difficult to clean up, then you can perform coating with the help of professional personnel so as to avoid damage.

With regular maintenance and maximum occupancy, then you made this wood will remain strong and durable though already built in years. So wait, process your home with timber in each deployment angle. So your occupancy will be very comfortable to live in.

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