The Best High End Bathrooms

There is a rumor that there is a person that create a toilet from the gold. Indeed, it is not surprise since they require high-end design for their private place. Some says that the bathroom is a place where the idea will go out from our mind like a river. In fact, decorating that place with not mind how much the cost is still normal. Regarding to this matter, managing high end bathrooms can be so fun and attractive.

high end contemporary bathroom design

High end luxury bathrooms can be done not only with a selection of some importance item. Deeply, it belongs to the aesthetic and the sustainable. If we are not tied on the budget, we can decorate the bathroom with the realm design. This style tries to imitate the realm house in Hippocratic family. This is the selected one because that style requires more natural material which is highly price tag. Mostly, the marble or the ceramic is $3 per square foot. Additionally, some extra elements are expensive also.

Cork floor

The best floor that can be taken for the bathroom is porcelain, ceramic or stoneware. This is believed that it is easy to remove the mold and the bath waste. However, this also brings some drawbacks that may harm us. The material texture on the surface can be slippery since this does not have a natural resistance. To tackle this, the cork is the master material of high end floor.

The benefit for high end bathrooms, this material consists of 87 % gases approximately. This rate will have an effect of warm for the floor. This material comes from the skin of oak tree which is regrowth after nine years. Approximately, it can be purchased with $9 per square feet. This material is claimed having a water resistance and it will let us step on the floor with no worried of fallen down. The foremost thing, this floor has a mold resistance and it is easy to install.


Wall color choice

Next is the color of the wall. To interconnect the color of cork, high end floor plan for bathrooms can be used pure white or shine lacquer red. The will spray the shine each other and divine the gap between them. To make sure that the wall will have a gentle texture; it is required to stroke it with sandpaper before painted. For the items, there are plenty thing that we have to plan especially the layout. It requires some area in detail. First area is the bathtub with the shower. This area will be well look if it is positioned in corner of the room and it is covered by the screen glass.


Bathroom design

Outside this square glass, there is a sink with the faucet area. It is also companied by the shelves upon it. That shelf consists of the medicine and bath set. Then, some of those elements are taken outside the shelf to make it efficient to take. High end bathrooms need turquoise bathroom accessories. This is made from the marble and stoneware which is suits with the material of the bathtub and the color of the cork. The last area is toilet and toilet roll, towel roll, washcloth, facecloth.


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