The Best and Unique Lighting Ideas

There is expression, ‘change the light, change the mood’. This sentence tries to say that the light will stimulate new idea for people. That is why: some people are challenging each other to have new looks for their house. The placement and the type of light are playing big roles in order that the light works maximally to enlighten entire room. In fact, the right place and the right light will achieve the transformation of the room. Apart of this, unique lighting ideas will be ready to guide and inspire us.

unique basement lighting ideas

Unique lighting ideas for children room

Children mostly are afraid of the dark. This leads them not to switch off the light. However, switching on the main light will have such drawbacks especially for the health and it increases the electricity bills. To tackle this problem, we can use unique lighting design with the concept of the blue glowing ceiling. At the same time, we can create the detail and the glowing blue with our creativity. This can be shaped with the other forms such as circle, squares, and etc.

Neon and orange bird house

The benefit of unique lighting ideasis that the light release slightly watt and it has a consistent of an electricity power. The glowing night ceiling light will allow children to seep safe and sound. This component is made from the blue neon that creates the shape of aurora. Also, other details such as the sticker wall to create a diorama of the princes are great deal.

Another unique lighting fixture that we can pick up for the light selection is the bird house. Alike the name, the shape is the imitation of the bird house. This is claimed as the latest trendy of the update light. Basically, there are three elements in this lamp. They are the color paper, the frames, and the yellow lights. The frames are functioned to strength the paper. Then, this is fulfilled by the light which the shine will go through the holes and some are shined the walls of the house bird. This can be made by us, but it may spend plenty of time since building the frameworks is so complicated.

The rope styles

The last is unique rope lighting. This is really old version style, but it is worthy to use it as the light for the room. Compare to other materials, this is the flexible one. This can be purposed to write the name even the simple shape such as rooster, zodiac symbol, and etc. To best composition is to locate this light with the dark background.

However, there is a little drawback in unique lighting ideas if we prefer this lamp. Basically, the features look like the pipe fulfilled by the small lights in certain distance. In fact, the shine cannot survive to light up the kid’s room. This often one of the lights will be off. This will ruin the features and the written name or the symbol will fade or even cannot be read.

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