Smart and Cozy Small Country Kitchens Ideas

Having small country kitchens are not big problem even though there is only limited space for the room. We can still handle it. Then how to create such a beautiful and unique model for small kitchen that look wonderful and magnificent? Is there any tip that we can try to create this kind of kitchen? Well, there are several things that we can hold on. It is all written below.

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Measuring the Kitchen Room

First thing that we have to think about before deciding the interior model for our kitchen is about the room size. We know that we only have limited and tiny room to be created as kitchen room. Thus we have to consider this as the standard to deal with the model. Of course we may have limited style but that should not stop us to be creative. Instead of having wide and expensive interior model we can go with ordinary yet unique model that is useful and effective for our small kitchen’s interior. That is why we have to know the standard size for room to be said as comfortable and cozy.

Deciding the Models

After deciding the size and arrange all then the next thing that we need to do is deciding the model for our kitchen room. Small country kitchens have several unique models that will make the room looks stand out and wonderful. Of course many styles look unique but we can limit the models by deciding what kind of décor we want to create. The style for country kitchen mostly has vintage with soft and calm design. The interior look so hommie and warm. Thus the furniture that mostly use is vintage cabinet with classic kitchen desk.

Choosing the Colors

Then what we have to do the next? It is the color. The color that we want to draw and paint in the wall should be done perfectly. Moreover it should be harmoniously. Thus we can start it by deciding the wall color first. Mostly the small kitchen country wall will have bright color. Actually it is close to pastel color. The general palette that is used is the broken white color, ivory, turquoise, and sometimes is blue or grey. But if you want to try something new and different you can try the deep and dark color for the kitchen wall.

It is allowed to use the darker one for wall as long as our kitchen has two different palette colors in the room. What does it mean with two colors? It means we have to apply or combining two different colors for our small kitchen. As we have tiny room for kitchen then the only way we deal with it is by applying two different colors. It does not mean that we have to paint two colors on the same wall. Nope, but what we do is by arranging the interior so it will have two colors. Sometimes the contrast one is more beautiful.

Of course if we want to make a contrast interior then we still need to follow the recommendation. It is by using the pastel color for the interior. The reason why we have to do this is because it can create a wider and more spacious space illusion for our kitchen room. Thus we need to use two different colors for small country kitchens. You can apply the main color on the wall while the other colors are shown on the furniture. That is how we can do it.

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