Peter Vitalie Pool Table with Simple Design

Relaxing after having a long time period of the work can be satisfied as long as we have a stress release object. For some treasons, people are trying to have travelling and spending their money for not good things. However, there is another option that we can choose to entertain us. That is peter Vitalie pool table. This sport table for pool has made from a solid material and combined with proper looks. This will help us to obtain the target more accurate since the texture also perfectly flat and gentle.

peter vitalie pool table lord nelson

Generally, the pool table has four specific items. One is the surface which is covered with green carpet. Second are the six holes which are separated in every corner and two in the edge of the center. The third, this is the returning balls after entering the balls. The last, this is the four legs. However, that is just a conventional one with no details on the surface, lines, curves, and etc. let’s figure it out deeply in peter Vitalie Almeda pool table.


First is peter Vitalie Almeda pool table. The dimension of the surface structure is 44 inches width x 88 inches length. Outside dimension is 56 inches width x 100 inches length x 32 inches high. Overall, the weight is around 950 lbs. Based on the features; this is made from the solid American maple and constructed with magnificent platinum of the pewter grade.

The four patented legs are curved for the detail without losing their power to keep stabilizes the cabinet from the racking or movements. This item can be purchased only with $9,995.00 which includes some limited warranty. They are table cabinet, dry not, hardwood, wrapping, and bracing interior. For the best location, it can be located in the private room which is only for playing it. Also, this can be put in the working room. This is really interesting when bored the work, we can stop and slow down getting inspiration by playing pool.

Puma version

Another design is Puma table pool of peter Vitalie. Lending the puma’s name, this table has similar looks of the Puma. This table is dominated by the back color and there is gold straight line on the frames. This design can be purchase with cast $7,695.00.In detail; this item has a dimension in 44 inches width x 88 inches length on the surface. Then, outside the dimension is 56 inches width x 100 length x 32 high. This one is similar to the previous including the weight around 950 lbs.

However, it is surely recommended to purchase the amelda version because the appearance looks more adorable and masculine. While the Puma version has a black dominated image and it may distract players to shoot the balls. The last item is Tiffani pool table with budget around $6,995.00. This looks like the conventional item in the surface, but peter Vitalie pool table gives a little touch. They are curving some details in smooth textures such as the legs and the frames.

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