Perfect DIY Painted Walls

Painting the house is the easiest and the most significant way to have new look for the house fundamentally. However, before transforming the walls into new appearance, we have to draw the plan what will be the walls later. The plan regards to what color, what styles, and how to do it. This can be done by your selves as long as you have skill painted walls. This is really necessary to obtain the best texture of the wall surface.

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What color and how?

Basically, people have their own desire color which can describe their personality or their house theme. As an example, the conventional house will have a dark color and its degradation such as brown. However, there are some drawbacks that will impact to the house items. It is like that because brown color is not comparable with the modern items. This contrast will affect to the interconnected style among elements. This color is only better if we have painted wall technique like bohemian theme which is only in the traditional house.

In contrast, the bright color such as yellow, red, and blue are great choice for the modern design. Those are the color which can manipulate the virtual looks and also deal with the modern look. Three of them have its own function. Based on the psychology, painted walls with yellow color mean to gain wisdoms and rising apatite. Red is a powerful color which influences the people keep their spirit.

Wall painting color with blue is the calm color which able to absorb the stress and it releases a positive energy. Firstly, we have to clean up the walls with the sandpaper. This is really useful since the dirt and the dash can be removed. After that, it is better to lubricate the wall with the sealer with the white color. This will decrease the usage of the paint because wet cement will not absorb the paint a lot.

The last, it is time to delineate the walls with the desire color with gentle stroke. The stroke is either vertical or horizontal continuity. As well, painting wall image can be done with the pictures. As an example are the wings of the angles in the children room or natural landscape in the bath room. This will bring the energy of the natural close into the room. In this case, it is recommended to take the water proof paint in order that the water does not go through.

Using the sticker walls

Another way is using the sticker wall. The way to install this item is similar to the painted walls. In this case, we have to see how wide the wall is. The sticker wall is cut with the precious size and measurement. This is necessary to make the edge of every sticker will be click and slick. In detail, the sticker wall has various designs. In fact, we only need to choose the portrayed sticker that we offer. As an example is the children room. This can be combined with some figures or characters that children love.

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