Maximum Security Installed By Garage Door Deadbolt

Garage can be called the first gate to protect our belongings from thieves. In fact, the design is not just considering the materials and the decorations, but also the security. Nowadays, the key and lock are getting progress with the method of lock. In fact, the door can be done with the traditional key and the modern one. Both of them are qualified to keep our belongings from damage and stolen. One of the key that we can count on is garage door deadbolt.

everbilt garage door deadbolt lock with cylinder

Conventional key lock

Even though it is claimed as the old version of the garage security, it is sufficient to secure our stuffs. One of the favorites is garage deadbolt with lock and key cylinder. Based on the features, it is equipped with the looking hubs inside the deadbolt locks while two keys are provided outside to unlock. This item is replaced most sectional wood overhead and steel garage locks. Regardless to the specification, the fabric content is 100 % multi. It is made from steel with silver color.

The assembled dimension is 8.90 inches length x 5.80 inches width x 1.45 inches high. This dimension is proper size for the garage and it is offered with two keys whether one of them will be the side key. Based on this specification, the keys are not easy to get corrosion and rust in short certain time. Yet, it still has a limited time around 10 years approximately to make sure that key are still matched with the lock. This often comes to the complaint that the key’s tooth starts to lose and it affects to the security. To tackle this, the only choice is to replace garage door deadbolt with the other key or we duplicate it.

The modern system

Some people are applying the modern security in their garage such as the screen mode or finger recognition. Regarding to this mode, garage door lock comes with the sure lock automated lock for garage. This is claimed can be used for every types of garage. It works really fine since the sectional roll-up garage will close and unlock automatically when it is open.

Compare to the previous garage locking deadbolt, this is supported with the advanced technology system. The key is operated with the remote controls and wireless keypad or the wall console. Even though it is supported with the electricity power, it still works when the power goes wrong. The garage power will be backed up with the battery. Yet, if the battery is running on empty, it can be set up for the manual operation in the power outage. This is easy to install and it does not require maintenance.

Having garage door deadbolt, we will have to find peace in mind because we do not have to worry regardless to the security. This key can be purchased with cash only $99.96. The package that we get will be the control module the instruction template, one inch hole saw, and the installation hardware. However, if there is something wrong during in a year, the manufacture is taking responsible to fix even replace it.

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