Tips And Ideas On Using Cinder Blocks Raised Gardening Beds

When it comes to the material used to build a raised bed border, you can find a lot of options if you are trying on making a raised bed. An ordinary choice is Wood. Other good options are bricks and stones. But cinder blocks are the better choice as they are easy to build and cheap. Learn more about building cinder blocks raised gardening beds by reading this article.

concrete block raised garden bed plans

Steps To Make A Cinder Block Garden

As it is easy for you to choose your height, it is a good idea building garden beds using cinder blocks. You can make one layer to make a bed close to the ground. Two or three layers are especially perfect to make easier to reach and higher plants. Make sure you build cinder blocks raised gardening beds just like in a brick wall by arrange it so that the amalgamated between the blocks in the second layer placed above the center of the blocks in the first layer if you build more than one layer. This will make the bed less possible to fall and much stronger. A stronger bed will make sure your garden to endure during raining or harsh climate so you won’t lose your vegetables.

building concrete block raised garden beds

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You may also want the holes are facing up when stack the cinder blocks raised gardening beds. So, you can expand your growing space by filling the soil into the holes by this way. Depress a piece of rebar into the holes on each curve to make much stronger bed. Thump the rebar down through the ground using a mallet until the peak is even with the peak of the cinder blocks which help to avoid sliding around from the bed. The garden beds using cinder blocks should be enough on one in each corner when building beds, but if you’re concerned you can put in more at all times. Just keep an eye of your ground condition. If it is too weak, you can add more blocks to keep the bed stronger

Cinder Block Gardening Risk

Being intoxicate yourself and pollute your vegetables are warnings you can find in half of the results if you browse online for gardening ideas using cinder block. There is actually a little is truth in this. It is the name that causes this issue to rise. A side-effect of smoldering coal that can be unsafe to your health called fly ash is used as a material to make cinder blocks in the past of. For 50 years, the U.S. has not used fly ash to mass produce cinder blocks. It is completely safe as actually concrete blocks are the material to build the cinder blocks that you can find in the store nowadays.

raised garden beds made with cinder blocks

raised garden beds made with cinder blocks

cinder block raised bed leaching

Especially when you are using cinder blocks raised gardening beds for vegetables, you should not need to worry harming your plants and your health, except you’re using historic cinder blocks for your garden. Make sure you only use concrete blocks to build beds for garden as they are safer and nontoxic.

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