Highboy Tables for Sale with Modern Design

Purchasing the extra chair for the member of the house requires different treatment like the armrests chair. In fact, this chair need more space if we do not use it. To measure this, highboy tables can be the solution. It is called adjustable height round banquet table which can be purchase with $119.99. This table has three alternative sizes which are used for different purposes.

high boy dining room tables

Marble high boy

First, it is 30 inches height functioned as dining table for 2-4 people. Second, it is 36 inches height aimed to be a display and also the trade show of the standing height. The last, it is 42 inches height which is purposed to be the cocktail parties. Then, it is followed by highboy table weight counted with slightly different gap from 16 lbs, 20 lbs, and 26 lbs.

Based on the high boy features, this has three important elements. First is the base which is to keep the table stable with four crossing legs. Second is the pole which is made from the steel and laminated by the Chrome post. The last is the plate which is made from the ¾ inches of plywood core with Custom colors. At the same time, it is also equipped with the extra stability lock in the base part to maintain it steady. For the colors, the manufacture offers five options: graphite nebula, mahogany, grey nebula, black, and black granite.

How to adjust the table

It is common that people think if the highboy tables are taller table. Then, they decide not to purchase it. That is absolutely the mistaken since this highboy has an adjustable button. This can be looked at the pole between the base and the plate. Then, there are two buttons to lift the extra height or to decrease the pole. To do it, it is pressed the base button and raise the pole until it is sounded click. To shorten the table, it can be done with the same method but the pole is pushed down. However, if there is the problem on the item, the manufacture is announced that they give 2 year warranty.

Plastic highboy table

Another example of highboy table for sale is the round granite white of the plastic folding table. Compare to the previous product, this table is the opposite. Obviously, it is made for the combination of the plastic in some parts and it is portable. This can be folded and we can save after using it. Based on the features, it has two elements only. First, it is 17.5 inches for the thickness of the granite white table top. Based on its natural substance, it is definitely water resistance only on the top.

Second, it is the crossing lags made of the steel to strength its position. This item has a weight 21 pounds and its dimension is 31.2 x 31.2 x 43.5 inches. At the assemble measure, highboy tables have the height is 43.5 inches, the width is 54 inches, and length is 54 inches. This item gets charge in the number of $50.58. This has high different price between the previous and the current.

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