Mounted Ceiling Shelving For Garage Overhead Storage

Both as storage and protecting cars from conditions are often the function of garages. It is of tight space in garages. The space between the top of the car and the ceiling is one spot that is often under exploited. You can increase storage for seasonal decorations and other items that are not used frequently by installing shelves around the top of the garage. You can use under exploited spaces and increase garage overhead storage by installing ceiling shelves. Unused items may take up your garage space if you do not manage the space and find alternative storage to store them. If you have the space, you can build the shack in your backyard to store anything. But if the home is limited to the garage, you should consider exploiting the unused space. Here is the step by step to build the mounted ceiling shelving for your garage.

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Deciding Position For Joists

You can attach support brackets for the garage overhead storage using the joists in your ceiling that can be located using an electronic stud locator. Push the buttons on all sides of the locator and move it throughout the ceiling leisurely. The locator identifies a joist by beeps and lights up and you can mark each spot. The corners of your shelf support are marked with four spots that are aligned with joists.

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Constructing Shelf

Use a circular saw or a handheld cutting tool to cut a 3/4-inch-thick plywood piece to the length of shelf that you desire. Garage overhead storage can be securely supported with maximum of a 24 x 48 inches shelf. Use a metal cutting blade and the handheld cutting tool to cut a 1 ½ x 1 ½ inch perforated angle iron piece the same to the extent of your shelf board. Position a piece of angle iron down every long side of the shelf board. Fasten 3/4-inch sheet-metal self-tapping screws to the iron up all the way to the holes in the iron into the underside of the shelf.

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Shelf Hangers

Give every corner marks a 3-inch L bracket. To hold them in place, Through the L brackets, sink treated deck 3-inch screws through all holes into the joists over. Slice to four 24 inches long angle iron pieces. Hang down L bracket from the ceiling and bolt one to each at every corner of the shelf. Use a locking plier and wrench to tense up a nut against every bolt.

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Setting Up

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Fit every corner of the angle iron at the corners of your shelf board to one of the shelf hangers by raise the shelf up. With a nut on the outer surface and the head to the inner surface, sink a bolt on the side of the shelf through the angle iron and the hangers. Use locking pliers and a wrench to constrict the nuts in position with. Now your garage overhead storage is done and you can store everything you rarely use on this space and save your limited floor space. This method not only adds storage space to the space but also utilize the empty space above the garage.

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