Easy Steps to Hang Drapery Clip Rings

Drapery clip rings is an accessories that you will need when you want to hang curtains on the window. This is a stuff that will clip the fabric curtains so it will hang properly. As curtains have various models, the drapery clips also have various styles. One of models that popular now is the ring clips for curtains. This clip has circle model which is exactly looks like a ring. Thus it is called as ring clip. This kind of clip can be used to give great impression for the curtains. Before hanging the rings on the curtain there are several tips that you can try in order to hang it properly.

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Tips for Hanging Clip Rings Drapery

Curtains clip rings may not be hanged easily. Sometimes you need a help from friends or experts to do the stuff. But if you do not want to be meticulous you can actually make it by yourself. What you only need to know is by understanding the steps carefully then practicing it. The first step is by finding the specialty angle iron. This function of this is to be the base for the stick that will be used to hang the curtains with clip ring.

Then, the specialty angle irons can be placed on the wall. Sometimes you can arrange it around under the right side of rod bracket. You can hang it in all sliders especially on the each side of the window. Why does this should be hanged on there? It is because the stuff should be hanged on the wall so the curtains will not stuck directly to the wall. It gives a space for the curtains and the wall. Thus it will look even prettier. The opening that is shown between the drapery side and the wall will balance the curtains. That is why this one is very important before you hang the drapery clip rings on the wall.

The next step that you need to do is finding the right curtains clip that is appropriate with what you need. There are many models that are available on the store. You can do some checking to find out the best one that you need. After finding the clip that has ring model as what you need for then the next step is by applying the clip using small screw eye. The small screw can hold the angle iron steadier. The screw is placed on the right side of the ankle iron. You have to arrange it in one line with the curtains so it will look balance. After that you can hang a bit of the curtains on the side to the screw.

It is used generously in order to block the light that may come through the window. It will close the gap of the wall and the curtains so there will be no side light that coming to the room. If wind is blowing then you do not have to close it every time since it has been closed the light sight. After that you can arrange the clip ring on the curtain stick. You can use clear acrylic as well as white metal to complete the curtains. It is a simple way to clip the ring on the curtains without having too much trouble. You can arrange it on each side of the curtains. It is help you to close and open up the windows much easier.

After that you can hang the metal clip on the curtains wall. To hang the curtains properly you still need drapery hooks for the clip ring. After you weld the hooks and the rings then you can starts to put the curtains in. sometimes the curtains may folded. Thus you can use the pins to straighten up the drapery. Then you can use iron to arrange the fold. Of course you do this before you hang the curtains on the wall. You can do these steps easily and comfortably. Drapery clip rings can be done in a moment.

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