Create The Modern Landscape With Decorative Cinder Blocks

Long been a well-liked building material for both structural design and landscape, the hollow concrete block is also acknowledged as Besser blocks in Australia, or screen blocks, breeze blocks, textile blocks, or decorative cinder blocks in different parts of the world. Blocks of solid concrete is a more feasible option in both the United States and Britain where hollow concrete blocks were made and introduced for the first time in the 1860s

decorative concrete block wall construction


There are a variety of finishes of these decorative cinder blocks that come from developments in technology to manufacture.  You can find the face panel with other ornamentation or with rock-faced, raised, smooth margins. In modern architecture, the material was used by Frank Lloyd Wright for the first time for the Ennis House and Millard House in the 1920s as well as many other Californian block textile houses while during the late 1800s and first of 1900s the hollow and decorative concrete blocks have already been used. Together with glass and stainless steel, one of the key materials of modernism in Australia was concrete before World War II.  It becomes a popular and beautiful solution in all their forms for a modern garden in the use of ornamental concrete blocks with today’s demand of mid-century contemporary style.


For turf areas or garden beds, it is ideal to use a clean, solid, and nominal border Cinder, Besser, or textile blocks.

decorative concrete barrier blocks

decorative concrete barrier blocks



Accessibility of products and imagination are the only factors that limit decorative concrete block walls finishes and designs.  Create a balance to the solid construction of the house and an ornamental point of interest as a garden screen with the recurring pattern of a breeze block wall. You can create a distinctive style for your wall in mixture of patterned and solid when using concrete blocks.

decorative concrete breeze blocks

Cinder block models


For your backyard, build solid and beautiful form raised planter beds using these decorative cinder blocks.  For a patio and distinctive patterns, provide modern and smooth borders with the smooth faced cinder blocks in the straight lines and intermittent the trend of the blocks allow for planting opportunities

. decorative concrete cinder blocks


Grass-crete is the name for a pavement material using decorative concrete blocks. You can create a driveway pavement or structural passageway using these blocks but still allow grass or lawn to nurture inside the block hollow space.

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For a versatile sand bed with stone infill or a solid finish, you can place on mortar or as pavement when using textile or breeze blocks.


The ease of access using these materials in your backyard is the real restriction though there are limitless ideas for decorative concrete. It is easy to find Cinder or Besser blocks, but it can be trickier to search if you are seeking for a more ornamental option.  That rare find may require for checking eBay listings or second hand back garden for those mid-century devotees or manufacturers of traditional breeze blocks to hunt them in Australia. Fortunately, it may not have to be so hard finding them as these decorative cinder blocks are manufactured by some companies.

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