Decorating Bathroom with Kids Bath Accessories

Teaching the children about the fundamental of bathroom responsibility could be excited challenges. From the toilet trainings such as how to brush the teeth correctly, the kid’s bath space must be fun and inspiring places for them to grow and learn. However, if you want to decorate their bathroom, you could borrow the design cues from the bed spaces. With colors, creative organizations, and areas which are designed only for small hand and creative minds, this article will show you some tips of decorating kid’s bathroom with kid’s bath accessories. Depend on the ages of your children; you can use decorating kid’s bath accessories tips with age appropriate designs in minds. For younger children, bright and primary colors are quite inspiring while for the older children, you can consider more mature color schemes such as pastels and neutrals.

The steps of decorating kidChildren's Bath Accessories

First and foremost, you can create colorful backdrops. When most plumbing fixtures are available on neutral tones of bones, whites, or browns, the backdrops around those must be fun and colorful. Alternatively, you can consider painting the walls, vanity cabinetry, stencil playful saying on the wall, and wallpapers. Be careful as using wall sticker since the humidity in bath space probably causes them not to adhere well.

Besides, you can just only keep the walls clean by using durable surfaces. As decorating children’s bathroom specifically around wet areas like sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, make sure that the surfaces are durable and cleanable easily. For this purpose, you can use scrubbable wall paints, beadboard paneling, and ceramic wall tiles. To combine with kid’s bath accessories, you can supply the ample lightings. This tip can be done for any bathroom design. Lighting is important since every homeowner doesn’t want bathroom lack of lightings which make them to be dark areas.

Additionally, children’s bathroom is prime area for getting hurt in. By this, make sure that overhead ambient lightings, lighting sconces, even the pendants light over the vanities are quite bright and do not cast the shadows. In arranging kids bath accessories design with others component, organization is the keys for the children in learning. Remember to place the organizations on easy to find areas as well as easy to reach by means of its height. You can put vanity sink with open shelving below, basket for toiletry, and bath toy storages with suction cup holders will help the children to keep the bathroom tidy and clean.

Use the small fixtures for the little one. Believe it or not, there is small plumbing fixture as ideal option for small children and toddles. There is mixed review as to either smaller fixture is good for teaching the kids about how to use the bathrooms. Regardless of those reviews, as planning the kid’s bath accessories décor, know those choices exist for your beloved growing child.

Last but not the least, accessorize kid’s bathroom on the budgets. As you spend the fortune on decorating bathroom for your kids, realize also simple color palettes which are matched with kid’s bath accessories that are affordable could give great look, too. From color coordinated area rugs, bath lines, toiletry holders, and shower curtains could mix and match colors or patterns for designer looks.


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