Commersional Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella

Basically, umbrella is functioned to protect us from the rain and sun ray. This is a made from a fabric held on a collapsible frame which is thin ribs radiating shape on the top of carrying stick to handle. However, it has the innovation that it becomes much wider, bigger, and heavier namely heavy duty patio umbrella. This is special umbrella which is stepping on the solid ground outside the house. Mostly, it is equipped with chair and table set for eating under good weather.

heavy duty outdoor umbrella standTraditional patio features

The benefits have this item; it can be installed in the back yard or the front yard. Compare to building gazebo, pavilion, or cabin, heavy duty personal umbrella has a low cost. Moreover, this umbrella can be moved based on the place that we require and it is the best way to spend our enjoyable moment. One of an example is traditional patio namely Cobana 9 feet outdoor. This can be purchased in the number of $45.00. Based on the features, the crank is in the red color.

Heavy duty patio umbrella has a proper color for the tropical area since the bright color will reflect the heat. In short, it can be stated that the brighter the color, the better the result. The material of the pole is made from the steel including the base pattern and the frame. They are solid material to keep you stay from the sun ray. Based on the dimension of the pole, it can be lifted into two meter and the crank has 150 cm for the diameter. At least, it will be sufficient for 4 people sit on four chairs with one table.

The patio with extra panel direction

Another example is patio umbrella with beige color which can be purchased in the number $59.94 including free shipping. The design is quite stylish and more comfortable than the traditional patio. In conventional design, the patio only have three elements; the base, the pole, and the crack. The pole will stick with the crank from bottom to inside it. Consequently, it is possible to cover one extra person in it.

However, it is more advanced since the patio pole umbrella is cut with the directed panel and the extra pole will be to the top of the crank. As a result, we will be under the crank directly without any obstacles of the pole take our space. The material is made from the waterproof polyester and it has a power coated created from aluminum pole. Additionally, the bottom fame is produced from particular substance if steel to keep it much steady in place.

Uniquely, the crack is flexible and it can be operated and turned into the other directions. That works a lot when the sun ray is going away to different direction and the patio can be turned to backlight. Compare to the traditional, heavy duty patio umbrella with the additional panel point is better to choose. Even though the price is higher, the benefit is much better.

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