Choosing Best House Color Combination

Do you want to make your house having a face? Yes, some people want to repaint their homes by painting their home with the great color combinations. However, choosing the house color combinations will be so challenging because you need to decide what colors are well-suited to be painted in your home. If you go to the paint store, you may find hundreds of different shades and colors in which you can pick one or more color schemes for your home.

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Facing hundreds of different colors may make you overwhelmed so that guides for choosing the best colors schemes for your home can be so helpful. Not all people have the ability to choose the right combination of colors for their home. Here are the color combination ideas which can be chosen.


Blue, Cream and Brown

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The first house color combinations are blue, cream and brown. This combination of color schemes belongs to the great combination to be used in any rooms in your home. When you want to use this color combination, you should ensure that you consider the balance of those colors, especially the brown color which should be appropriately applied. If you own the dark brown sofa, it will be well-suited with the blue or cream pillows. Meanwhile, if your sofa is cream, you can light it up with the dark brown pillow or blue pillow. The general pattern is you just need to look for those colors and try to find the best visual interest.


Shades of Cream and Brown

Another house color combination idea is shades of cream and brown. The combination between cream and brown shades can be chosen if you want to have a peaceful retreat. This combination can be applied either in your bathroom or bedroom. You can also find the wide range of shades from the each point of spectrum, for example from the dark brown to a color of light cream. This type of combination likely seems with the monochromatic theme. However, you can make it look livelier by adding the light shades with the darker shades.


Orange and Blue

Besides the shades of cream and brown, another color scheme which can be used as your house color combination idea is the combination of orange and blue. Both orange and blue belong to the complementary color. It means that those color schemes are across each other in the color wheel. The combination of blue and orange has a purpose for keeping those colors muted when compared to the usage of blue and bring orange color schemes. This color combination is also well-worked in a room with a contemporary style. You just need to add the white color schemes or even adding the brown color scheme.


Black and Whites


Another house color combinations which can be chosen when you want to make your house elegant is choosing the combination of black and white. Both of the colors belong to the neutral colors so that this color combination can be applied in any parts of house. Those colors also can be implemented when you want to have the modern as well as traditional design.


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