How to build fireplace stone walls?

When the winter is coming, you need to prepare everything to make you and your family member warm. That can be conducted by several things and making your room, especially living room can be the best solution for protecting you from coldness. Heater room machine can also the perfect choice but it is costly and needs high electrical power. Choosing the traditional way is better by building the fireplace stone walls in your homes. When it comes to the stone wall fireplace, there are a variety of fireplace stone walls ideas which can be chosen.gray stone fireplace wall color

Building fireplace stone walls can also add the uniqueness and creativity touches for your homes. You can ask the bricklayers to build for you or you can build that fireplace by your own. When it comes to the fireplace stone walls design, there are several designs which can be applied whether you include the compacting agent or not. Meanwhile for the model, choosing a freestanding stonewalls can be the right choice but it will be a little bit intricate. However, that freestanding model will give the pleasant look for the eyes. Besides that, choosing design with using mortar can be the better choice since it can be useful for stabilizing the fireplace and minimizing the fallen construction. Here are the steps for building the fireplace from stonewalls.

Choose Materials

The first is choosing materials. You can choose any color, shape, and type of the stones but Granite can be the most favorite stones which are often chosen by the people. This type of stones comes with the smooth finish and provides a variety of different pattern and colors. Using the granite also will enhance your stonewall personality. If you want to build the freestanding design, you may choose the stones with featured shapes which have the fitting places. Fortunately, granite usually tends to have the similar shapes which can be easily fitted. You can also use mortar to ease your work.

Organize Materials

The next step is organizing your materials. You should take a place of your stones properly in order to ease you in planning the precise stacking. When it comes to the freestanding fireplace, it belongs to the work which consumes much time and need artistic touches. In this phase, the important thing you should establish your base regardless the method that you want to use. You need to have your own plan regarding to the stone wall that will be built. After you have already organized them, it is time to go to the next step, stacking the stones.

Stacking Stones Properly

The last but not least step which can be conducted when you want to build fireplace stone walls is stacking the stones properly. In this step, you can use mortar to ease you in stacking the stones. Because you want to build the freestanding fireplace, you need to make sure that you choose the selected stones forming fit each others. When you get the stones which fit against the others, you can use the mortar to come across the condition. However, you need to attempt in reducing the view of mortar in your stone walls.


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