Bathroom Vanity for Vessel Sink: 5 Things to Think About to Choose One

You can’t be careless when deciding major items in any room design. It applies to bathroom vanity for vessel sink too. There are various things you need to think about beforehand. So, don’t just go random on choosing one for your bathroom. Let us break things down into 5 important things to consider here. By learning them, you will be able to know the right way to choose vanity for your bathroom. So, let’s see those 5 things here below.

What Size Would be Suitable for Your Bathroom

 bathroom vanity height for vessel sink



bathroom vanity tops for vessel sinks

Not all sink vanities can be used for your bathroom. First than anything, it depends on the size of your bathroom itself. If it is big, the most suitable one would be big vanity. You won’t make the room feel too roomier this way. If it is small, the best one is small vanity, of course. It is not only that. It is better to pick vessel sink bathroom vanity with light shades. It will somehow brighten the room a bit.

What Height Could be Best for the People Using It

bathroom vanity with vessel sink mount


36 inch bathroom vanity for vessel sink



It is not only about the space of the room. You need to think about the people who will use the vanity as well. In this case, you need to find vanity that is best for you and your family’s average height. However, you need to consider people with back problems as well. It might be best for them to use 36” vessel sink vanity for bathroom than 29” one. So, be sure to take this matter into account.

What Kind of Designs Should be Better Chosen

Indeed, we can’t ignore design when choosing bathroom vanity for vessel sink. It is something important that would even make an influence to the overall look of the bathroom. You don’t have to worry though. It is not that hard to choose one. If you need the easiest one of all, you should just choose custom vanity. At least, you can decide the top, cabinet, vessel sink, and mirror as you wish.

What Kind of Styles Is Good to Match the Home

rustic bathroom vanities for vessel sinks


small bathroom vanity for vessel sink

Just like how important the design is, it is also important to think about the style. This time, you have to match it with the design of your home. If your house is a traditional-looking one, it would be good to choose either marble or granite vanities. They have antique look on after all. But, if your house is contemporary one, it is best to choose modern bathroom vessel sink vanity with frameless mirror.

What Material Is Used to Make the Sink Vanity

bathroom vanities wood pedestal glass vessel sink combo

bathroom vanity base for vessel sink

bathroom vanity cabinet for vessel sink

24 bathroom vanity for vessel sink

small bathroom vanities for vessel sinks

bathroom vanity countertops vessel sink

Although durability is important matter too, but it is not what we suggest you think about the last but not least here. Did you know? By simply knowing the material used to make the vanity, you can help you determine which will go well for the size of your bathroom. For small bathroom for instance, you need something shiny like glass or ceramic one to contribute airy feel in the bathroom. Bathroom vanity for vessel sink sure is tricky to decide.


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