3 Gorgeous Ideas for Small Apartment Bathroom

Having limited space in the apartment that we have may give some difficulties in creating Small apartment bathroom ideas especially if we want to have cozy bathroom yet has wonderful styles interior. Thus there are three styles that we may inspire us to create such a nice bathroom in our small apartment. What are those three ideas? There are three recommended styles that we can try to put on in our apartment that is explained below.

small apartment bathroom decorating ideas

Small apartment bathroom decorating ideas

  1. Wide Space Illusion with Glasses

The first recommended model for tiny bathroom ideas is the transparent bathroom with glasses. This one is really a great choice if we want to create an illusion of a bigger room. By placing glasses as the box wall we can create a more spacious room for bathroom. Other great positive thing if we use this is the light. This type of room can collect more light. We only need to put window on the side wall, painting the wall with white clean colors then put on the right tiles model.

The model tiles that we can use can be geometric, natural or other styles. But it is better to give simple styles and not the complex designs instead. It is to create the clean interior style becomes even more visible. Of course we cannot leave the handling trusty lock on the box door bathroom. More than that this small apartment bathroom ideas needs to be clean up every after shower time since it may leave the dew and haze on the glasses wall. But this one is really great idea that we can definitely try.

  1. Creating Bath-tub in the Small Bathroom

When we have only limited space for bathroom but we love to have a bath-tub then will it still possible? Yes, it is still possible. We can still make a bath-tub room style in our bathroom. We only need to know how to create and arrange the design. The secret is creating all the space in full of function. We really have to wield all the space as benefit as possible. For example we can create a wall-shelf where we can put down our towel, and other stuff.

Then there should be one quite big window near to the bath-tub to create a great light inside the room. We don’t need to have wide and spacious room only to create bath-tub type bathroom since we can make possible with only tiny space. Moreover we can create more natural interior by placing one little tiny tree inside the room. It will be great. The interior will just wonderful. No need explosively complex model to create bath-tub models since we can only need simple bathroom designs.

  1. Small Bathroom Ideas with Shower

What if we want to create a bathroom with shower? What kind of Small apartment bathroom ideas for this model? Actually, this is the easy one among any other styles that looks suitable more for small and tiny bathroom. The shower bathroom does not really need a huge space since it can be done with only tiny space. We only need to create right design for this. Even though any design will possibly look good we have to still remember not to put many stuff or furniture inside the room. Those are several ideas that we can try for tiny bathroom.


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